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FLV to AVI WMV MPEG Free Converter 3.2

FLV to AVI WMV MPEG Free Converter is a video converter
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FLV to AVI WMV MPEG Free Converter is a video converter. It can open FLV files and convert them into three different video formats: AVI, WMV AND MPEG. It can also rip the audio off video files and save it to an MP3 file. There is support for both single-file operations or batch conversions.

The application consists of two different .EXE files that are launched via a sort of application launcher. When you run FLV to AVI WMV MPEG Free Converter, it will launch a window with two links: "Convert to AVI" and "Convert to MP3". Each of those launchers will run a different app. From the "Convert to AVI" app, you can change the settings so that files are converted to WMV and MPEG as well. If you choose .AVI, you can choose the AVI codec. Microsoft and XVID are the only options, though.

In my testing, a 3-minute, low-quality FLV file was nicely converted to XVID in less than 20 seconds. The file was then playable on any player with XVID codec support.

In conclusion, this might not be the flashiest converter (no pun intended), but it works well for the few formats that it supports. It is also free.

The one thing that I did find quite annoying is that even though I downloaded the latest version from the website, the application keeps asking me to update it. Every single time I ran it.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • It is fast


  • Limited format support
  • It keeps on asking for updates, even though there are none available
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